Social Media

In the modern digital age a good website is essential. However the quickest and cheapest way of recruiting new clients is the social media site.

A good social media presence is an excellent way to interact with customers and demonstrate your services. I am a big fan of using Facebook as the targeted advertising is value for money and can be easily controlled.

With our social media package starting at £25 per week we can set up a Facebook page for your business and work out a strategy to promote your services with regular posts.

Typically we will identify your target audience and post a mix of products / services, something fun and informative.

There is no fixed formula for a digital marketing campaign but I can work out who you need to target and the best way to interact with them. Once you have an established page we can then look at some targeted paid advertising.

The Facebook platform has an excellent paid marketing system that can be used specify the targeting to customer locality, age interests etc.  The costs can be tightly controlled so it is extremely useful for the small business. Typically a small group can be advertised locally for a few pounds a day.

Other social media platforms can be used also, if you have an existing presence then we can expand and integrate with a marketing plan.