About Prospect-IT (Ian)

Prospect IT is the trading name for Ian Culpan. I live in Huddersfield in a house with ‘Prospect Villa’ carved in the gatepost.
It seemed a pretty good name for my IT work so I registered the domain.

Probably one of the better photos of me.

I have worked in IT for over 20 years and even run my own business for over 10 years.
IT skills were very useful in my own business as I used to do a lot of my own marketing work.
We didn’t have the budget to employ a large marketing agency to handle our online presence so I knuckled down and started to learn the job myself.

Digital marketing is not an impossible thing to learn it just takes time, a bit of cash and a lot of perseverance.
My website and Facebook campaign always managed to keep us busy enough to grow enough to double our turnover in 2 years.

The reason we had to close the business is nothing to do with marketing, it was down to a disagreement over premises. We had a very busy diary!

When I was running my own business I was always looking out for help with our marketing as it was quite time consuming.
This is why I have decided to offer my services to other businesses. I now have a large amount of website experience and years of digital marketing skills.

I love the challenge of growing a business by marketing whether by traditional or by some more modern techniques.

It would be a delight to help others grow their client base.