Email Security

There are 2 rules to email security.

  1.  Trust no-one!
    Email is extremely easy to fake. Unless you are expecting an email with an attachment assume that it is a trick or malicious.
  2. See rule 1.

Basically the mechanisms that send and receive internet email are so insecure that you should not send anything important or confidential by email.  Emails can be easily intercepted and faked. If there is ANY doubt check with the sender. Create a new email and type their address in. DONT click on any reply from the suspect email.

Suspicious email

For example this email is part of my collection. Its pretty obvious that its crap. Supposedly from ‘Metro Bank’ I have not heard of Metro Bank and the email address is [email protected] Why would a bank use someone elses domain to send a message. Surely their emails would be [email protected]!

You will be able to see that my Internet Security has jumped in here before I had chance to even think about the attachment. Its extremely important to have a good security suite at hand. My security is Kaspersky and has a pretty good bang for your buck.