Technical Glossary

IT Terms Glossary

  • Hosting
    A fancy term for the computer that runs your website. These are dedicated machines that are usually located in a darkened secure room. These machines run a piece of software called a web server. This software uses code and files on its disk to ‘serve’ web pages to users.
  • Domain Name
    This is the name that makes a website easy to remember. They are leased from agencies that control the Domain Name Services. Essentially when you type into a web browser your computer will ask on the internet if anyone can tell it where the bbc website is. A domain name server will then translate the name into a numeric address that the network can understand.
  • Website
    A collection of code and files that can provide information and services over a network.
  • Email address
    A similar concept to the Domain Name but with the aim of sending a message. An email address is generally an extension of the domain name. Ie. [email protected] The message will look at the to find the email system and then pass on a message to the director.general name.
  • Static Vs Dynamic site
    More and more websites are getting more and more advanced as technology improves. Most sites are now dynamic as the content can change very easily often to user input. A static site is static. It is fixed and difficult to change. However if all you need is a simple page or two to identify your business there is still a place for a simple static site.